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Good morning! Bit of a tetchy drive today. I made it in okay, but that was some very thick foggy stuff out there! In some places, you were lucky to see the car in front of you. I have seen fog this thick here, but only down by the riverbank.

All in all, it was beautiful; I wish I could have spent less time concentrating on the drivers and more on the landscape. Thick white sound-damping blanket of fog above, and below--generous coating of white-powdery frost on everything, outlining spindly branches, defining individual blades of grass to the eye, frosting all surfaces... including, unfortunately, the road; we had over 5 multicar injury accidents at the last count. None on my drive, for which I am grateful.

The sun is going to have to be well up before this stuff burns off. It was nice to admire; almost a shame to see it go! :) A nice reminder that we can build frenetic city-scapes, expound on our technology and attempt to tame the Earth... but Nature has the option to roll right over all our creations and expose them for the tawdry playthings they are.
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