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Funny for you all!

I think I've heard of similar ploys before, but this is an example of genius, not to be buried under the rug!

**Taken from local radio broadcast of weird news:**

An elementary school principal in Greeley, CO, fielding numerous complaints and concerned himself about the high incidence of speeders through the school zone, had worked out with the school board and PTA a plan to raise money to buy a "Radar Zone" sign. This was to post and use the fear incentive to slow down the passive law-breakers. Unfortunately, the $4000 sticker price for such a sign has been difficult to achieve, and complaints to the local authorities not addressing the issue failing, he worked out an interim solution. The principal goes out to the side of the road during the opening and closing bell periods with an empty milk jug, stands in plain sight, and firmly points it at the passing vehicles.

And thus, they slow down. Gotta love the way people work, don't you? :D
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