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Amusing media points

I don't do much religious tracking of celebrities, but as these two--no, three--incidents keep battering my ears:

Everyday Ladies and Girls, grab your lipsticks and compacts and dig the tight minis out of your closets! John Stamos is apparently back on the prowl in the wake of his break-up with Rebecca Romeijn. Allegedy, his words are that he is tired of the Hollywood actresses-model mentalities and looking for a "real woman", not in the media scene. (Er... John. 'Scuze, please, but just what did/do you do for a living?)

Renee Zelleweiger has also dropped her guy (not familiar with the name, and the announcer garbled it) who rumor had her on the verge of ball & chain-ing. The reason? He wanted her to give up the Silver Screen scene and move back home with him... to his home state of Michigan. **blink! blink!**

And ... Surprise! Guess who's going on a farewell tour?

Oh.... guess! Do!

It's CHER! Ba-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! What is this, the third one?

I must be easily amused today. Okay! Going to try and check in with everybody else. I've certainly done my share of gum flapping, haven't I? ;)
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