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Eh! Blatant plug!

What does it matter? :D The people who are annoyed by me have learned not to read, anyway, by now!

That little push button trick I mentioned a while ago? Welllllll... as it turns out the CEO for that office saw my little gadget the next day, and he was so impressed that he stopped by, and hunted me down (never met the guy in my life) to both thank me... and to invite me to a think-tank session next week on statistical-information management.

Crossing my fingers on this one. People just do not realize what a marvelous tool they are sitting on, and they never bothered to learn it.

The operator who is the primary user, too, called in a panic, because one of her die-hards demands the report in exactly the same form it was as before and in the same utility. You could hear the anxiety in her voice thinking that because of one person she would have to go back to the grueling 3-day plod to get her final product, just for someones reading comfort. So I wiggled my fingers and gave her an open-sesame command. Still lets the base run her analysis, but she can halt it and pull the structured data--already calculated and grouped, dump it into a blank file on the old utility, and decorate it up to look like it was done the old way. Basic formatting, no work at all.

I have a lot of fun with this. :D
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