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Tis the Season

... for colds.

Ugh, we went from upper 60's to the teens, and bright cloudless days to snow in less than 24 hours. I already had a body cold that was getting better; now it chose to settle in my throat and nose. Gonna work to keep it out of my chest! (I spent most of the weekend asleep to store up for the work week; it helped. A little. :) )

But when the weather was warmer last week, I did get to go out and walk a bit. That was nice! I miss my out-doors...

Was going to say something, but it went pop! right out of my head. :P Teach me to try and proselytize and build a monte carlo at the same time, with null-conditional zeros. :D

I did (finally!) watch a brand new episode of SV last week. That I'm taking so long to comment on it says it all, does it not? Is it just me, or does it appear to others that the writers have run out of ideas, and are reduced to milking old charater-paradigms for every last particle of meaning until the passe is so stale and moldy even the pigs wouldn't touch it? Here we have the poignantly pregnant-thoughted, cynically "mysterious", onion-layered strategy Lex. Again. And the Clark-won't-tell-me-anything-so-I'm-going-to-turn-my-back-on-him Lana. Apparently someone failed to make the monthly payments on the personality they were giving her, a while there. The Jason/Mama/Lana triangle is so rabidly mundane, it's practically at the status of filler-plot. "Well, we have 5 minutes to the next commercial... Hey! Let's throw something in about them!" Chloe--always my vote for next Snuff-ette, now has the additional Damoclean sword over her head of knowing Clark's Big Sekrit! Oh boy! Considering her temporary visit to the dark side in wanting to pawn Clark's soul to Lionel, Prince O' Darkness... I don't get a good vibe from that; does anyone else? The Lois story seems to be stalled out to a campy Scoobey-Doo solve-a-mystery (Clark, don't you dare buy a van! And if you paint the barn psychedelic floral, I'm authorizing people to shoot to kill!) About the only valuable plot string is Clark beginning to express a differeing world view from his parents. (For a supposedly ultra-brainy, super-powerful alien, he's a little a'hin't the door on that independent thought aspect. But I digress.) Overall, the show seems to have lost it's rudder, and degraded to a melted morass of air-time consuming plots that go nowhere, just providing stall time until the writers and producers get to the dang point! fifteen or so episodes down the road. We've exchanged good plot for Buffyanistic hokum and flim-flammeristic occultism, a la "Charmed Ones". If Spike and the Sisters Three showed up, maybe it would liven things up. Any day now, I expect to see Flash Gordon land, in hot pursuit of the Empress of Mongo. SV 4--The Season That Was Not. Simple flesching out of the re-runs to fill up the 5-year contract run, bean-counting all the while. "Once upon a time, there was a story about the greatest comic-book hero of all... And then it became marketable." SV 1-3, they seemed (to me at least) to be working quite well inside the boundaries of the myth; now egoism has led them beyond the borders to lead viewers by the nose, sure they will swallow any pap offered. Like the myth of "customer loyalty". "You watched the show for three whole years! Now you are under my control! BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!" Er. Yeah. Uh-huh. I thought the little rubber room was for LEX, peeps! Seems I was mistaken.

Optimistically, I'm HOPING they break out of their rut. But I'm not holding my breath. TV and movies have become so prolific that two-bit dramatists who sound like they're reading from cue-cards can and DO get bit parts on prime-time. It dilutes the medium to the level of "community arts club". I'm finding myself drawn more and more to indies; at least the plots are novel, not boring and shop-worn remakes, and the artists are still artists. Somehow, I doubt there will ever be "The Sea Within: Part II"

La- la! Back to work! Let's see how long I last. (Is the room supposed to sway like that?)
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