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Hey, Dunan!

Well, as Dunan Nuts was concerned enough to send me an email, I will crawl out from under my blanket of silence and respond to her plaint. Hello, sweetie! Yes, I am still here. Dealing with the many over-obnoxious aspects of life. Massive job hunt. Massive family reorganization. Personal life. Research--I don't exactly hate to say "I told you so!" when now, a good year after my last major warning shot across the bow about the matter, that gasoline prices are projected to move up to $3 per gallon, that the six-figure or more economists are still saying everything is fine with the economy and it is growing positively... when all evidence shows it is not for the majority who don't even get a COL increase, while their managers, VPs and CEOs can elect to take up to 100% of a salary increase, plus benefits and perks. (So what if it's "cheaper" to raise the captains wage rather than the masses of underlines? Here's a simple math analysis: $120 million in base salary for one CEO is equivalent to 2,400 professional base salaries at $50,000 That's more faculty and staff than a largish university.) Excuse me; I was under the impressioon that leaders were paid such exorbitant salaries to, well... lead! Same with our modern-day sports heros and celebrities. Instead, we see that the money is spent on luxuries, waste, frills, and vices, which shows that the people we should be admiring are anything but admirable. I no longer buy the excuse that they are "only human". If that is the case and they are just like the rest of us, then they deserve the same compensation that the rest of us get. Not the money that perpetuates the abuses. ENRON, anyone? Adam Smith, or whatever atoms are left of his person I hope, is cringing in his grave, and the destruction of his vision of a utopian economy. All it perpetuates now is to let the greedy be more so, and excuse theie superior right as evidenced by the success they have in taking from their unsuspecting subordinates. Hiring managers get a plump raise for underpaying their employees. That is the basis of the system now.

Education continues!
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