Tis the Season

... for colds.

Ugh, we went from upper 60's to the teens, and bright cloudless days to snow in less than 24 hours. I already had a body cold that was getting better; now it chose to settle in my throat and nose. Gonna work to keep it out of my chest! (I spent most of the weekend asleep to store up for the work week; it helped. A little. :) )

But when the weather was warmer last week, I did get to go out and walk a bit. That was nice! I miss my out-doors...

Was going to say something, but it went pop! right out of my head. :P Teach me to try and proselytize and build a monte carlo at the same time, with null-conditional zeros. :D

I did (finally!) watch a brand new episode of SV last week. Some plotless maunderings, cut just in case I accidently slip a spoilery thought in edgewise.Collapse )

La- la! Back to work! Let's see how long I last. (Is the room supposed to sway like that?)
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Eh! Blatant plug!

What does it matter? :D The people who are annoyed by me have learned not to read, anyway, by now!

That little push button trick I mentioned a while ago? Welllllll... as it turns out the CEO for that office saw my little gadget the next day, and he was so impressed that he stopped by, and hunted me down (never met the guy in my life) to both thank me... and to invite me to a think-tank session next week on statistical-information management.

Crossing my fingers on this one. People just do not realize what a marvelous tool they are sitting on, and they never bothered to learn it.

The operator who is the primary user, too, called in a panic, because one of her die-hards demands the report in exactly the same form it was as before and in the same utility. You could hear the anxiety in her voice thinking that because of one person she would have to go back to the grueling 3-day plod to get her final product, just for someones reading comfort. So I wiggled my fingers and gave her an open-sesame command. Still lets the base run her analysis, but she can halt it and pull the structured data--already calculated and grouped, dump it into a blank file on the old utility, and decorate it up to look like it was done the old way. Basic formatting, no work at all.

I have a lot of fun with this. :D
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Tiny Little Snicker of Joy

... and a bit of self-aggrandisement.

Don't you just love it, making someone's jaw hit the floor when you push one little button, and out pops their finished product. "But I used to spend over NINE HOURS building just one of those reports!"

Yes. And you have made my point for me. :D
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Amusing media points

I don't do much religious tracking of celebrities, but as these two--no, three--incidents keep battering my ears:

Everyday Ladies and Girls, grab your lipsticks and compacts and dig the tight minis out of your closets! John Stamos is apparently back on the prowl in the wake of his break-up with Rebecca Romeijn. Allegedy, his words are that he is tired of the Hollywood actresses-model mentalities and looking for a "real woman", not in the media scene. (Er... John. 'Scuze, please, but just what did/do you do for a living?)

Renee Zelleweiger has also dropped her guy (not familiar with the name, and the announcer garbled it) who rumor had her on the verge of ball & chain-ing. The reason? He wanted her to give up the Silver Screen scene and move back home with him... to his home state of Michigan. **blink! blink!**

And ... Surprise! Guess who's going on a farewell tour?

Oh.... guess! Do!

It's drum-roll...Collapse )

I must be easily amused today. Okay! Going to try and check in with everybody else. I've certainly done my share of gum flapping, haven't I? ;)
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Funny for you all!

I think I've heard of similar ploys before, but this is an example of genius, not to be buried under the rug!

**Taken from local radio broadcast of weird news:**

An elementary school principal in Greeley, CO, fielding numerous complaints and concerned himself about the high incidence of speeders through the school zone, had worked out with the school board and PTA a plan to raise money to buy a "Radar Zone" sign. This was to post and use the fear incentive to slow down the passive law-breakers. Unfortunately, the $4000 sticker price for such a sign has been difficult to achieve, and complaints to the local authorities not addressing the issue failing, he worked out an interim solution. The principal goes out to the side of the road during the opening and closing bell periods with an empty milk jug, stands in plain sight, and firmly points it at the passing vehicles.

And thus, they slow down. Gotta love the way people work, don't you? :D
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Kitty home.

Thank you, aurora_bee, gradeafan, Dunan, lilmouse1073, chicklet73, and nonnierms, from me and Miry. She is alright after her emergency surgery. Despite her linebacker physique and 18 lb weigh-in, she is a very healthy 17/18 year-old kitty, and prognosis was good. Still… small animal + anaesthetic = worried owner, and all I was expecting was to have her vaccinated. All in all, I think both she & I BOTH would have been happier with simple shots.

As it turns out, there was a rash of Unhappy Cats at the clinic that day, too. Miry is very musical about her dislikes, and I’m told her displeasure was made known, to the point where she was directing a chorus of miauows, evidently to the score of the “1812 Overture”. Having her throat operated on was the only thing that would shut her up! And when I got there to pick her up… what a sight. You know the mane you see on a lion? Picture it in reverse: neck shaved down to bare skin, and elsewhere her medium-length coat. And a comparatively shortened temper to match; when I picked her up and asked if she was ready to go home, that dirty look plainly said, “Mom… You just got demoted to “Junkyard Dog” status.” Not happy, at all.

But Miry is a slave to her stomach; I got her home and set out her favorite food, and she made a beeline. :D Not eating much; the vet said she would be fine, but I bet her throat hurts a lot. She could only eat a piece or two and had to stop for a bit, then go back and repeat the process. The other cat was so happy to see her home, I had to pull her off a few times so that she didn’t disturb the stitches. Eventually we’ll settle back into domestic tranquility, and I will balance out the budget again to accommodate this unexpected expense.
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Good morning! Bit of a tetchy drive today. I made it in okay, but that was some very thick foggy stuff out there! In some places, you were lucky to see the car in front of you. I have seen fog this thick here, but only down by the riverbank.

All in all, it was beautiful; I wish I could have spent less time concentrating on the drivers and more on the landscape. Thick white sound-damping blanket of fog above, and below--generous coating of white-powdery frost on everything, outlining spindly branches, defining individual blades of grass to the eye, frosting all surfaces... including, unfortunately, the road; we had over 5 multicar injury accidents at the last count. None on my drive, for which I am grateful.

The sun is going to have to be well up before this stuff burns off. It was nice to admire; almost a shame to see it go! :) A nice reminder that we can build frenetic city-scapes, expound on our technology and attempt to tame the Earth... but Nature has the option to roll right over all our creations and expose them for the tawdry playthings they are.
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Not the best of days

I took my older cat in for her annual yesterday. Good news: she is now too old to have innoculations--no more yearly needles! Bad news: she has a large, newly grown lump in her throat, fixed. So she is in surgery this morning.