It never ceases to amaze me how something so positive as people banding together for support and mutual respect consistently turns so negative in exclusionary principles, metaphysical xeophobia and segregation, well-season with liberal doses of sel-proclaimed superiority.

"Humanity, the pinnacle of the evolutionary chain"? Pardon me, but I believe I hear someone laughing.
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Dear PTB Who Like To Flag-Wave Colorful Reports With Elaborate Charts, Graphs, Pivots, Pagination Fields, Pop-ups, And Extensively Pumped-Up Data Tables to Impress:

Rule of Thumb--If you want to sort something by categories, it has to have categories to sort by.

Dear Directionally-Challenged Geese:

South. THAT way.

Or North if you really insist, but I question your sanity. But please stop flapping around in circles like that; you are obviously using a watch face, not a compass.

Dear mal-mot:

Why does "goose playing chicken on the freeway" sound so wrong?

Dear Landlord Who Does Not Clear The Icy Stairs:


Dear Double-Thick Flannel Comforter, Berber-napp throw, footies, and comfy pjs:

Mmmmmmmmm!!!! **stretches**
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Late Friday Night report

I’ve been a little bit busy with a six-sigma analysis for someone and batched off a prototype database to an order. How fun—lots of pretty numbers no one understands but it draws lovely graphs, and a spider-web of relationships no one wants to trace out but is sure happy they work! Hence, I have been a little too busy to get my story out. But now, and even though it is short…

The trouble I get into…Collapse )
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What do you do with a Daikon?

Hello! Here's one of those vegetables that everyone picks up in the grocery store, looks at, and puts back in puzzlement as to what to do with it. I mention it because I concocted a flavoring sauce/dressing for it last night that I liked. Quite good!

Daikon salad--basic recipe:

One medium daikon radish
One medium carrot

Chop and shred radish and carrot finely in a mini-chopper or cuisinart. Tose together; sprinkle with nutmeg and serve chilled.

(My dressing modification:)

3 tablespoons GOOD soy sauce (I'm beginning to despise the cheap junk)
1 teaspoon wasabi powder
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar or to taste
several dashes sesame seed oil

Toss with salad. Spinkle with nutmeg and serve chilled.

I did add some sprinkled powdered ginger, but I'm not sure I liked that addition. Still I did eat it for dinner last night, all the way! :D Also, I think some people might like to add a little sweetener to it; for me the carrot-flavor is enough.
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He's Harvard's WHAT???

Cue Twilight Zone sound track, please!,11812,1392804,00.html

It's funny how this guy is making a scientific conclusion, but ignoring the scientific principle of deductive reasoning. His "factual basis" is that his young daughter called two trucks "mummy" and "daddy"??? Well, if he planned on her career as a sanitation enginner or a truck driver, I might be a little concerned. Excuse me, but just whose child is that? Who is responsible for raising her? Little wonder she "exhibits" behavior he claims supports his theory--he teaches her his attitude every day of her life, he is one of the two the major influence in her mental development. She absorbs her ideas from him. So he infuses her thought process and encourages one behavior, discourages others, then takes the choice of behavior exhibited for parental approval, and he is the sole interpreter of what it means. How nice to think of yourself as God--creator, mentor, judge, jury... and ultimately executioner.

What do I see is that he has taken the end-statistics,ignored the conditions that produced them, and slapped his own independent conclusions as to why. Set aside the foolishness of arbitrarily designating a simple chromosomal variation--Is he a certified geneticist? Psychologist? Or does he simply think according to what he wants to hear?--and this blatant jumping to conclusions... you know, my math and science teachers in high school used to berate me all the time for skipping intermediate problem-solving steps for that very reason--you tend to misinterpret what your answer depends on.

Having had to fight for financing and scholarships for my degree, I know that there is precious little provision for science and upper management scholarships for women. There are no sponsors. Fewer slots to provide for women to attend college and get the training they need to succeed. Fewer places for them to live on campus. Less academic support and acceptance of women to be present, because twitheads with that attitude run your university and get to decide who is accepted to attend and who is not. The fact that men do not
treat women well, and incite fear and isolation by such gang-up techniques. The excuse in those cases to "Take it like a MAN!" ring hollow--men do not have to take that sort of treatment in the first place.

One would think a university president would be intelligent enough to check his facts before saying something so moronic. But it seems he has a reputation for ill-thought out discriminatory statements like that--"Oh I just wanted to provoke discussion..." To clue you in, sir, your job and status requires you to be a leader; you are supposed to lead by example. Some example! I could be as facetiously conclusive as he to say the problem with this guy is that the particular head holding his functioning brain is located too far away from his mouth. But then I would be buying his reasoning, wouldn't I?
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