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Mnemosyne kai Gnomos

Random Ramblings

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Compulsory verbal ramblings. Will discuss anything under the sun, and many things that are not, as well. Occasionally deigns to listen. Mercurial. Quixotic. Feisty. Tempermental. Loquacious. Fundamentally lacking in your basic common sense. Loves a good joke. Potentially questionable humor. (Make that "undoubtedly.")Generally less-than-present. Subject to periods of AWOL. Forget about arguing both sides of a topic; I work in 3-D. Sometimes n-D. Bound, gagged and drugged (dragged?) here by assorted Michael Rosenbaum-obsessed fans (not pointing any fingers) and told that the world will come to an end should I not start one of these. If I don't drive you insane, you are probably a lot more stable than I am. Favorite quotes: "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened!" and "Of course I can DO it! The question is, do I want to?"